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accessibility guide |The Piano Boat

The Piano Boat is located at Harefield Marina on the Grade Union Canal, in West London.

Due to the intimate and friendly nature of what we do, we’ll always try and accommodate any specific requirements you may have, so please just speak to us.

Access to the boat is via the stern deck, down a set of four steps into the boat. Regrettably, this means the boat is not accessible for permanent wheelchair users.

The first step is 37cm high, and the second, third and fourth are all 27cm high. There is a small ledge (5cm) between the deck and the first step requiring a step over it. There is a handrail alongside the steps inside the boat.

Once inside, the floor is all level. The saloon is furnished with two loungers (32cm from the ground at their lowest point) with footstools and dining chairs at 48cm from the ground, and the double or twin beds in the guest bedroom are 70cm from the floor. A step of 17cm can be provided for getting in and out of bed if required.

The edge of the shower is raised 6cm above the level of the bathroom floor. Toilet seats are 46cm above the floor, and there is no seat in the shower.

The bow deck is accessed via three steps. The lower two are 20cm, and the third is 32cm. The door height is 113cm so care must be taken not to bump your head on the way in or out. The bow deck is fitted with a handrail all the way around for safety.

Stern deck seats are 50cm and bow deck seats are 45cm.

All flooring throughout the boat is wooden or tiled, and there is a rug in the guest bedroom.

Both Rhiana and Masa have Emergency First Aid Training, and use the app ‘what3words’ to quickly pinpoint a location in an emergency. We carry a basic First Aid kit on board.

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