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The world's most intimate concert hall.

The Piano Boat is a new way of bringing classical music to audiences in and around London, surrounded by the intrigue and beauty of the canals. The boat is designed for and dedicated to musical events, carrying a beautiful grand piano in the Concert Saloon.

The boat, Rachmaninov, comfortably seats 12 in an exclusive, intimate setting where spectacular music is at the forefront of your experience on the canals. 

Still under construction with Tristar BoatsRachmaninov is due to be completed in March 2020, and will be launched in London in May. There will be a wide variety of cruises and events available, as well as exclusive Musical Holidays and private hire packages.

Built and designed to the highest specifications, The Piano Boat is a unique opportunity to experience the finest classical music whilst enjoying a hidden side of London and the heritage of the historical inland waterways.

Masayuki Tayama will be your performer and captain on board, and Rhiana Henderson your host. Striving to create the finest, unforgettable musical experiences on the canals, they strongly value attention to detail and draw on their extensive experience in the music industry delivering experiences to audiences across the country.

Meeting point for all afternoon cruises:

The Bear on the Barge, Moorhall Road, Harefield, Uxbridge, UB9 6PE

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Bespoke porthole in the boat

Your hosts:

Masayuki Tayama and Rhiana Henderson

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Rachmaninov - Morceaux de Fantasie Op. 3, No. 3 - MelodieMasayuki Tayama

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